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Another satisfied customer

Einhell Ltd are one of the world's largest suppliers of power tools, mainly to the main DIY outlets. They had several storage facilities in the Wirral area and decided to merge them into one giant facility at Bromborough. We were delighted to be chosen to install the intruder, CCTV and access control systems.

Financial Director, Tom Chambers said "We had worked with Security Services North West for CCTV at one of our facilities. We were very pleased with the service received and were very happy to appoint them to install all the security systems at the new premises".

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Remote monitoring leads to metal thief arrest.

12.15 am on 02 December 2012 at a scrap yard in St Helens. A man wearing a hoodie is detected by the remote monitored CCTV system. He is walking around the yard picking up pieces of copper piping and putting them in a pile, ready to steal. The control room operator tannoys the site, but the intruder must have thought it was just a recorded message, because he ignored it.

The operator telephoned the Police and the intruder seemed really surprised when a Police dog handling team turned up.

He was arrested and charged with several offences.

One moral of this story - even wearing a hoodie doesn't make you safe from arrest!

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Remote monitoring saves the day !

It's 2.45am on 01 December 2012 at a haulage & distribution company in Shropshire, which has one of our monitored CCTV systems to protect it. An unknown van activates a sensor and the picture is transmitted to our Control Room.  The operator could see that the van did not belong to the haulage company and tannoyed the site. The van immediately drove off and a probable crime was averted.

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SSNW donates CCTV system to local church

A local church, St Andrews, Garden City were having problems with gangs of youths congregating in the Church grounds and near the Church Hall, causing damage to the buildings.

SSNW were asked to help, and as the Church is desperately short of funds, a CCTV system was installed free of charge.

Father Green was delighted by this and, even better news, as a result of the system being installed, the youths have moved on.



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